Getting started (again).


Well, it is finally happening— again. I am starting the podcast. I recently heard a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.” This struck me at a just the right time. I had been discerning the future of the podcast. Since I am currently in seminary, I am equally advantaged and disadvantaged when it comes to starting and maintaining a podcast. I have all of these resources, including professors, friends, my family, and not to mention an incredible amount of riches in the form of the theological library and archives of the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. However, trying to create a podcast of this sort equates to extra work on my part.

So is it wise to give myself extra work, even as I struggle to complete the work that I already have? Am I basically giving myself extra essays (in the form of podcast scripts) to write every week or so? Since the purpose of a residential seminary is to seclude oneself from the rest of the busy world so that one can focus on this very kind of thing not the perfect time jump into a project like this? Is it really pretentious to refer to “oneself”?

So, back to the Emerson quote. I have wanted to do this sort of thing for a couple of years, and was tired of telling people that I was “in the process of starting a podcast.” Instead, I wanted to actually make a podcast. So when I heard this quote and realized that I was being an utter coward and that I might be doing some of God’s work through educating myself, the listeners, and hopefully prompting some great conversation along the way. For example, the internet is full of “science communicators” (check out Smarter Every Day and The Brain Scoop on YouTube), so why can’t there be “religion communicators”? And to be clear— I am not setting up science in opposition to religion, that was merely the best comparison to throw out. Personally, I believe that science only helps to inform my faith, but I digress…

I was inspired by Emerson to stop being a coward, so I did a scary thing and opened a GoFundMe page to offset the cost of the website and podcast hosting and sent it out to a very few friends (yes, I was still sheepish). To my surprise I had $200.00 when I woke up the next day! And so here I am. Many thanks to Lester and Laurence for the help, as well as any future supporters.

If you’d like to help finish the initial launch, you can go to:

or, if you want, you can make a donation or become a member here on the website.

Long live the Church Nerd Podcast!

Really, if you want to check out the science communicators mentioned above, here are the links:

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