Is Ramen Spiritual?


No, seriously. Is it? Because, I think it is.

Going beyond the bricks/cups of instant ramen we may remember from college, the Japanese take these Chinese-derived noodles very seriously. Like many things in that culture, ramen is honed into an art— from the broth, to the toppings, to the way the noodles are made. There is even etiquette to the slurping, so that the full flavor is inhaled and experienced.

So anyway, I love ramen— even those 25 cent bricks (guilty pleasure). Do you love ramen? Is pho more your thing? If so (or not), tell me about it in the comments below. Or if reddit is your thing, I encourage you to check out the Church Nerd subreddit, where I will be throwing up a lot more questions and proposed topics.

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